Center* F3 X Kurple Fantasy
*ACDC X Ultraviolet OG 
Flavor: Mangos, cherries, sandalwood and gas. A floral, and fruit-like incense. Almost like a tropical potpourri.
Potency: High in THC with kind of common 1:1, 2:1 and 1:2 CBD to THC phenotypes that contain noticeable amounts of CBG
Effects: Well balanced and with most phenotypes slightly on the uplifting side. Overconsumption of this variety feel a lot like you have drank too much coffee
Ease of growth: Very easy probably the easiest we have. A skillful grower will also love growing this plant due to how easy and manageable it is.
Other Notes: The different phenotypes you’ll pull will all vary in CBD:THC production. Make sure you get them tested to see which one works best for you or your market.
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