Germination Instructions

We offer a guarantee for good germination rates for California patients if you follow our prescribed method: germinate after soaking seeds in water for 6 hours and transplant directly into living soil that has been inoculated at least a week in advance with Trichoderma harzianum, along with keeping the seeds in an area with a thermostatically controlled constant temperature of 75-80F.

Our varieties with OGKB genetics produce seeds that are delicate by nature. The OGKB variety itself is rather recalcitrant and does not produce seeds easily. Once germinated, it is imperative to maintain adequate spacing between the plants throughout their development to ensure healthy growth. We do not recommend our genetics in grow tents smaller than 6′ X 6′

It takes extra love and commitment to grow these cultivars to their full potential, but when done properly, the results are magnificent. Do you even OGKB, bro?

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