Shapeshifter* X Kurple Fantasy
*Old Man’s Purps X Malawi X NL#5 x Haze F2 X Memory Loss


18 seeds per pack.

Flavor: Fuely lemon wild berry cat litter cookie dough.

Potency: High THC with common CBG and occasional THCV effects. Full spectrum, but heavy on the uplifting side. An overall enhancer of the senses. Great for almost any time of day.

Ease of growth: Very easy. This strain is known to have some resistance to powdery mildew and bud rot. You might want to get some bamboo sticks, tomato cages, or a multi-level trellis going, because you will need some support for these heavy flowers.

Other Notes: This strain will be memorable. The visual appeal of the flowers, aroma, flavor, efficacy, it has it all going for it. Just make sure your close friend’s get clones too because they will be jealous of your garden when this strain comes around.

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