Bisti Badlands* X Kurple Fantasy
*Old Man’s Purps X (OGKB X Wet Dream)


18 seeds per pack.

Flavor: Melons, berries and tropical sangria. Expect the flavors to range from deep dark tart cherry / grape /  black currant / blueberry-spiced lemonade scones with a gasoline-drenched frosting.

Potency: High THC. Around the 23-28% THC range.

Effects: Very sedative but sill a bit on the focused side. Expect to fall asleep in your seat if you are smoking alone. I would not recommend consume this strain first thing in the morning. You might feel like doing nothing all day.

Ease of growth: Very easy and has some resistances for powdery mildew and bud rot. Most likely going to be very bushy and wide. Incredibly indica-heavy in structure.

Sacred Lands grown and documented by : Blaze_it_panda
Instagram: @blaze_it_panda

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